Effect of ZrSiO4 particles on the wear properties of as-cast Al matrix particulate composites fabricated via various casting routes

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran


This study deals with the effects of ZrSiO4 particles addition on the abrasive wear behavior of aluminum based metal matrix composites. The Al-A356/5 vol% ZrSiO4 specimens were prepared by the injection of particles in the as-received form or Al-ZrSiO4 milled composite powder. The injection of composite powder caused remarkable improvement in ZrSiO4 distribution within the Al-356 matrix alloy. The composites were fabricated by two different routes: semisolid-liquid state (SL) and liquid-liquid state (LL). According to the results, a better distribution of reinforcing particles was observed when the stirring was conducted in the semisolid state. Based on the wear test results, the composite with ball-milled Al-ZrSiO4 particles (A356/(Al-ZrSiO4)cp ) processed in the SL state exhibited the highest wear resistance in terms of wear rate and friction coefficient. The worn surfaces of specimens were examined to identify the possible mechanisms.

Graphical Abstract

Effect of ZrSiO4 particles on the wear properties of as-cast Al matrix particulate composites fabricated via various casting routes


  • Al-A356/ZrSiO4 composites were fabricated by two different routes.
  • The distribution of particles was improved within the matrix in the semisolid state.
  • The wear properties were enhanced in the A356/(Al-ZrSiO4)cp-SL specimen.


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