Kinetic Modeling of the High Temperature Water Gas Shift Reaction on a Novel Fe-Cr Nanocatalyst by Using Various Kinetic Mechanisms

Document Type : Research Article


Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology


In this work the kinetic data demanded for kinetic modeling were obtained in temperatures 350, 400, 450 and 500 oC by conducting experimentations on a Fe-Cr nanocatalyst prepared from a novel method and a commercial Fe-Cr-Cu one. The collected data were subjected to kinetic modeling by using two models derived from redox and associative mechanisms as well as an empirical one. The coefficients obtained for H2O reduction to H2 was much higher than those resulted for CO oxidation to CO2. In addition, the rate of H2O adsorption was shown to be greater than that of the CO adsorption on the catalyst surface in various temperatures. The activation energy of the novel catalyst calculated from the empirical model constants was lower than that of the commercial one.