Investigation of Mechanical Properties Prediction of Synthesized Nylon-66/Nano-Calcium Carbonate Composites

Document Type : Research Article


Departments of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, Yasooj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Yasooj, I.R. Iran


In this research, the influence of adding micro- and nano- sized calcium carbonate powders to nylon-66 was investigated. Mechanical properties of micro and nano- composites, including tensile strength, elongation, and Young’s modulus, before and after ageing, were determined and analyzed. For this purpose, micro- and nano-sized CaCO3 particles were used as fillers to prepare micro-composites (conventional composites) and nano-composites via a polymer solution method. It was observed that tensile strength and young’s modulus increased and elongation decreased with increasing CaCO3 particles in the composites. Also, nano-composites had higher strength and modulus than micro-composites. Theoretical prediction of elastic modulus was carried out using rule of mixtures, Guth, Nicolais–Narkis, Hashin–Shtrikman, and Halpin–Tsai equations. Calculated results show that these equations are not suitable for accurate prediction for the work carried out. However, these models can be used with confidence for the prediction of elastic modulus because experimental results are higher than the calculated values.


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